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27 January 2006

Children of Heaven

Children of Heaven
by Irani director Majid Majidi. Saw Baran earlier. Both superb films.


oh boy, children of heaven is one of my favorite movies...majid majidi is one good director....irani directors in general are GODS...buddy gonna miss you in the MIFilm Festival which starts this 3rd...
Blogger kaa, at 31.1.06  
Oh you watched Baran? When I wanted to watch it, my friends created a huge scene because they wanted to watch some cheap stick comedy whose name I forget. I missed the movie. Sigh.

Thank you for linking me on your blog (and how!). I noticed a link to Gibran on your homepage. The pictures are all very beautiful, and oh you like Amelie too?! We seem to have a whole lot in common.

I will surely keep coming back here.... Keep writing....

Blogger Selma Mirza, at 1.2.06  
I love Children of Heaven,the very first Iran movie I saw
Anonymous Wenjie, at 6.2.06  

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