startling banals

30 June 2011

for your child,
over here!
a fat ant-
railway sparrow
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26 June 2011

train window

to houses, trees, fences-
the child waves bye bye
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A homeless guy at 10:30PM: Give from your heart.. Give me a quarter, anything you can, a dime, a penny
me: I am sorry I don't have any money
him: Anything you have..
me: I'll meet you here tomorrow
him: You won't see me here tomorrow
me: I'll come where you are. Where will you be tomorrow?
him: The Dunkin Donuts round that corner
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train ride-
all eyes
on the tender blind couple
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08 June 2011

empty road
pair of pigeons
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06 June 2011

sunday morning.
sneaking in the train's shadow-
lazy pigeons
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01 June 2011

train ride.
singing and playing
an air guitar
in grandpa's lap-
chubby boy
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