startling banals

27 September 2004

haikus (last one by issa others mine)

having wine with friends
grapes are very wonderful
hope this night never ends.
sparrow at window
hanging his head in despair --
no place to build nest.

ant bit me on lips
a kiss for stealing biscuits --
their property now
stains on window
fool me when i move my head --
somebody moving
friend's room .. he has left
new people - old memories --
room weeps in silence
can't live all alone
blissful day filled with friends --
today i'm happy
days pass without dates
daily work keeps pestering -
heartless clock ticks on
lazy day
perpetual rain -
even the sparrows haven't left their homes
the rain has gone
drops still fall -
trees crying
i just forgot now
what was i going to say -
new thoughts trickle in

Almost morning time
bees on tubelight in my room
compell me to sleep


dewdrops scatter--
the sparrow sings
of next-life salvation
-Issa, 1810

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