startling banals

12 January 2007

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On the waters edge
Earth escapes up to the sky
Gasping for its life
-Neal Huffman

Outlines of islands
Merge with the cloud covered sea
Figments of the mind
-Nan Elderton

Squirrel climbs a tree.
Playful, he peeks smug at thee.
-Maria Theocleous-Woo-Sam

The breeze plays temptress
in a deep cavern of stone
breathing warm music

playful little fawn
engaging, inquizative
as the day is long
-Lisa Gaye Suleski

rippling waters mark
the paddling webbed feet of ducks
silently they go
-Marcia Hunt

Unlike rocky road
the stream meanders smoothly
giving joy to all
-Mary Prince

Starbursts of sunlight
penetrate the atmosphere
bringing warmth and peace
-Deb Dietz

Sleek and silent cats
Watchful and alert they are
Patient and aware
-Betty Schwartz

waves come in to shore
on gentle breasts of gaia
sacred sun setting
-joyce watkins

She pushed her hand through
threads of dew-lit cobwebs that
glittered like starlight.
-Courtney McDermott

This is a silence place, a place of
dreams.You look up in the sky and
see what i mean.
-Kelvin Thomas

Cows walk single file
across a snow field hoping
for greener pastures
-Dorene Moon

peaceful and silent
all in the world is like one
untouched forever
-Rebecca Lahr

Whispering winds sigh
with the heat of summer days
barely moving clouds
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07 January 2007

Dos meses tarde

cold november morning
squirrels on treetops
sudden shower of leaves
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They can talk!

Parrot's oratory stuns scientists

Is this an abnormal parrot - or maybe they all have many complex feelings just that this one was the first to express them..

pranshu: interesting hai yar he is communicating amzingly
anish: haa yaar
anish: yakiin nahi hota
pranshu: if we can open scope of inter species communication then tarjan jaise hum bhi baten kar payenge aur duniya alag hogi
anish: :))
anish: haa unlog ko insaan ki bhasha sikhaaane se aasaan hoga
anish: ki hum unki language seekh le
anish: :D
pranshu: ha ha ha
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03 January 2007

Khatarnaak Underwater Photos!
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