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08 August 2006

metadata about metadata about metadata .. ad infinitum

How far will this crazy thing go on? hehehehe

Metadata - data about data
Por ejemplo - a winamp playlist, a list of favourite songs on a homepage, a list of songs playable online sorted acc to movie/singer etc on a website, a folder on your PC which has raw mp3 data. Basta!! No I won't stop yet. RSS feeds, my saved links, Notebooks - a page where a professor posts things (not all academic) that he is interested in, , a text file on your PC where you save links/poems/whatever. Stop or I'll shoot you!! O janiyaa dil se milale dil, just chill chill just chill...

It is bad if you get stuck in this metadata cycle too much - it will stop you from reaching the data, interfere with your learning and development as a human being. But essential and helpful if you can keep track of what you want and not get lost in it. In fact everyone has used it. Remember the grocery list you got from home when you were sent to buy stuff. It wasn't the actual stuff - it was a representation of those objects (but can you call physical objects as data?) written on a scrap of paper in the form of words that stood for the objects and numbers that stood for the quantity. Metadata. But what would have happened if they gave you metadata about metadata about metadata of the grocery list instead. I'll try that on some kid someday. >:)

Some cool advice from my friend Siddharth Mal - 'Stay away from electronic entertainment' read physical books instead and keep your peace of mind :D

So I have decided to delete that shitty statcounter & google analytics code from my template. I am not any government to spy on people. No more metadata about visitors. This blog is for me to write what I want not to look at who reads what.

disclaimer: kya fart hai. yeh bandaa paagal hai. this is not what metadata is about. ask some computer scientist not this hedonist.
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06 August 2006

'Hey Jude' (for research)

Found on the webpage of a research group of the Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces Germany, a version of the Beatles' song Hey Jude.

Everybody: Naaaa, na-na-na-na-na-naaaa
Hey Boss, don't take it bad
take this paper and make it better
Remember the model isn't so bad
and you can start to make it better
Hey Boss, don't be so sad
this department can do things better
Remember the students aren't so bad
and you can start to make them better
Chorus: Your effort will be not in vain, hey Boss, refrain
you carry the group upon your shoulders
we learn a lot here in your school, research is cool
we'll never forget what you have told us
Hey Boss, don't be so sad
next time we will play soccer better
With all the cheerleaders we have
next time for sure we'll manage better
Everybody: Naaaa, na-na-na-na-na-naaaa, hey Boss

The original:
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