startling banals

29 January 2009

top-down approach

the sun rises and starts warming up buildings from the top down
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shivering memory of watching a tent fly away in a roaring snow storm atop mad mountain night of sitting round a pot of water boiling over campfire dipping fingers that had turned to stone
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when the wood floors creak
he wonders if people downstairs
also feel like getting off their ass
and walk around
setting off a chain of walkers
that go on till infinity
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cherries live in ponds
when they grow too heavy
to climb trees
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relentless torrents rush down streets
desperate for a taste of sea
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the night fell on the walls in his room
but not a single leaf to cast shadows
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15 January 2009

the sound of running water travelling through the plumbing
revealed the presence of other insomniacs in the building
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01 January 2009

A toast for the new year!

Here's to all dear wayward lunatics out there!
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