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29 January 2009

top-down approach

the sun rises and starts warming up buildings from the top down


What of the warmth from beneath earths' folds?
Doesn't it heat things up?
Anonymous Anonymous, at 3.2.09  
this comment just says it all...completes what u r may be wanting to say !!!great.
Blogger junuka, at 3.2.09  
and this warming up by the earth is the 'bottom-up approach' :) mast idea
Blogger anish, at 3.2.09  
Thank you:)
Anonymous Anonymous, at 4.2.09  
kindly write more..we are waiting...
Anonymous Anonymous, at 21.2.09  
this is the only nerdy/corporateLingo kinda lines you have written..
hai na?
Anonymous kaa, at 9.4.09  
aise hi likha yaar nothing serious :) just that in winter when the temperature is -10 degrees, early orange sunrays falling on the top of buildings is very reassuring. literally likhne ki koshish karni chahiye na. hota nahi hai. thats why issa is great.
Blogger anish, at 9.4.09  

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