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21 April 2006

Two articles from

Ten haikus for ten days
The sexually repressed Indian Man
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The potential maniac buys books

The Poetics of Space
Man's Search For Meaning - read Logotherapy
Don Quixote
The Portable Voltaire
Summerhill School
The Practice of Everyday Life
Gargantua and Pantagruel
The Classic Tradition of Haiku
Essential Rumi
Essential Haiku Volume 20
The Illuminated Rumi
Love in the Time of Cholera(Just had to have a copy!)
Chiyo-Ni: Woman Haiku Master
In Cold Blood
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20 April 2006

Search for Meaning

Let me plagiarize one of my posts here.
life on earth is not-so-special and special at the same time. Not so special because its no creation of god etc but just a coincidence - an expression of an event of miniscule probability - which makes it special. It is something rare. The fact that the life forms have such a variety of emotions in contrast to their insignificance in the huge universe is bewildering. The ability to feel and the opportunity to live on this beautiful planet is like winning an inter-stellar jackpot for the pieces of stardust we all were once. Who am I, who are you?
(Junoon's Parvaaz album is said to be dedicated to Baba Bulla Shah 's life - I madly like the Azaadi album(listen))

I like Rumi, Khalil Gibran, Omar Khayyam and the great Haiku masters - Issa, Basho as much for their true-to-self way to find meaning as for the beautiful poetry they wrote to express it. Maybe 'Catcher in the rye' also is a search for meaning.

Issa is my favorite - he wrote a lot of sparrow haikus and I love sparrows! And his haikus are beautiful. Please read them.
dewdrops scatter--
the sparrow sings
of next-life salvation
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14 April 2006

Chaiyya-Chaiyya on Mal's B'day

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11 April 2006

'Your Woman'

A song by 'White Town' - been listening to it for a long time. The lyrics.

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06 April 2006

A very persistent jet-lag :))

waiting for day-break
These eyes dont close till they see
the sky turning blue
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04 April 2006

Smiles of a summer night

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02 April 2006

Dos Peliculas muy interesantes

'Abril Despeda├žado' (Behind the Sun) from the director of 'Diarios de Motocicleta' (The Motorcycle Diaries). Great cinematography with good performances and a touching storyline.

'Parineeta' (as always I see them late). Vidya Balan is great! Mast music. 'Kasto Mazza' and the haunting tune - 'Piyu Bole'.Munnabhai is the odd man out. Saif Ali is realistic. And as I heard from all.. the ending is too bollywoodish. It could have been subtle and less melodramatic. Otherwise a very nice movie - with a realistic feel of the 60's.

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