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21 April 2006

The potential maniac buys books

The Poetics of Space
Man's Search For Meaning - read Logotherapy
Don Quixote
The Portable Voltaire
Summerhill School
The Practice of Everyday Life
Gargantua and Pantagruel
The Classic Tradition of Haiku
Essential Rumi
Essential Haiku Volume 20
The Illuminated Rumi
Love in the Time of Cholera(Just had to have a copy!)
Chiyo-Ni: Woman Haiku Master
In Cold Blood


Ah, Rumi.

But I love Gibran...
Blogger Selma Mirza, at 22.4.06  
i should have discovered gibran late - not in my childhood - when i used to read without much reflection. i will go back to meet him someday.
Blogger anish, at 23.4.06  
bhai do you have Don Quixote , I am not interested in reading the e-book , and you remember How kanjoos I am to actually go and buy the book ...
Blogger Tango, at 4.5.06  

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