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29 November 2006


(They) think they could
make us machines
in grad school :p
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27 November 2006

Walmart in India

Walmart is going to sell its shit in India. Such sub-standard goods are not to be found anywhere else. It will make Big Bazaar's stuff look good. Consume and be consumed :)) - like the snake who eats his own tail. This summer I saw people who had come from far-off villages to Hyderabad to see shopping malls and multiplexes. Dressed in their best and feeling great to be in a mall. Very much like 'The Society of The Spectacle'. Another thing was that girls in Hyderabad dress very conservatively - social pressures no doubt - but the skin-factor in films is much more than the Bollywood average. Age of contradictions. I hate my moral high-ground. But I cannot pretend to be cool about all this.
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26 November 2006

1000 ways to shut down the world

Formula # 420
Don't eat chicken for one day.
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Sparrow Trance

One day last year we had a snowstorm. All the roads were blocked by the snow. Cars stranded. The metro was down. People were hurrying home. Strong biting breeze and lots of snow. Complete chaos. And then I see these 10-12 sparrows having fun and rolling in the snow on the footpath just in front of me - as if they they don't give a damn - like they take a bath in puddles in India. It was a rave party for them :D Buddha Bar & psychedelic trance blasting away!
Snowstorm! So what?
playing in the snow
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A haiku

There was a butterfly in my room today afternoon.
Why waste time
in my room
No flowers here - mariposa
Inspired by Issa's haiku
flitting butterfly--
every corner of my hut
is inspected
-Issa 1819
mariposa = butterfly in spanish
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25 November 2006

A Tagore poem

Free me as free are the birds of the
wilds, the wanderers of unseen paths.
Free me as free are the deluge of rain,
and the storm that shakes its locks
and rushes on to its unknown end.
Free me as free is the forest fire, as is
the thunder that laughs aloud and
hurls defiance to darkness.
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24 November 2006

A research about declining sparrow population

I came across this fantastic PhD thesis by a person from England named Kate Vincent. It is a detailed analysis of the reasons why sparrows are declining from cities in England. This supports my observation over the last 15 years that sparrows numbers have indeed decreased at least in Thane.

My guess was that they have less number of suitable nesting places because of more 'modern' and closed houses because of which they have to build nests in risky spots where their kids are eaten up by crows as soon as they step out to fly for the first time.

Kate's study actually proves that the decline in their population is proportional to the amount of concrete used in buildings!

I wrote a letter saying how thankful I am for this study.
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18 November 2006


Rediscovered 'Hari' from 'Nukkad' - in 'Salim Langde Pe Mat Ro' & 'Black Friday' - Pavan Malhotra. A very good actor. He should get more roles.
'Sabrina' - starring Audrey Hepburn. Wow!
'Yellow Asphalt' - a film about three love stories at the interface of Israel and Bedouin communities.
'Parinda' - after so many years. A movie that was ahead of its times. Vidhu Vinod still works with people from the same team - like Binod Pradhan.
Wonder how we manage to watch so many movies inspite of the crazy schedule. Guess the subconscious knows where one's priorities lie and finds ways to carry out its own agenda defying the constraints of an oppressive and mechanizing world :D
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13 November 2006


Rain drops hanging from
Bare branches surrounded by
Leaves about to let go
(I think there are too many words here - haiku is supposed to be an understatement with minimum adjectives - so i didn't include the word yellow for leaves. Also I am not able to convey the optical distortion seen through the tiny bulging drops. any suggestions?)

Issa's haiku is so subtle yet full of love for everything around him - sometimes melancholy and reflecting his own contemplation indirectly without being too verbose e.g.
a chicken strolls
through the sitting room...
a long day
-Issa 1823
Some of his haikus seem mischevious. Makes you doubt that he is just describing situations - maybe making fun of some people - need not be true..
around noon, squawking
the pheasant walks
through town
-Issa 1806
Thank you David Lanoue for translating his haikus.
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12 November 2006

smash your sony playstation creatively

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New Roommate Has Lots Of Big Redecorating Ideas

The Onion

New Roommate Has Lots Of Big Redecorating Ideas

LAS CRUCES, NM-Dave Beckman, the newest tenant of a three-bedroom apartment in the Lincoln Crest complex, has offered numerous redecorating tips "to make the place more livable," long-time inhabitants Andrew Kiely and Marcus Linkater said Monday.

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06 November 2006

haikus from

The woods are moving
To the water's edge they go
To quench their deep thirst
Lindsey Rasmussen

The morning light speaks
Of darkness and mystery
It had to conquer
-Teresa Darcy

Deep reflections show
We are not alone and much
Dwells within the pond
-Barbara Lawrance

A tree stands sadly
At the rim of such greatness
Leaves shake, try to dance.
-E.Melanie Lever

Winged ballerina
Poised, she pauses for encores
Before she takes flight
-Melanie W

Trapped in Solitude,Trapped in Pain
Trapped in Selfishness
We're all going Insane.
-rudra raychaudhuri
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03 November 2006

Burn it blue

Fantastic song from the movie Frida
download the song
Burn this house
Burn it blue
Heart running on empty
So lost without you

But the night sky blooms with fire
And the burning bed floats higher
And she’s free to fly…

Woman so weary
Spread your unbroken wings
Fly free as the swallow sings
Come to the fireworks
See the dark lady smile
She burns…
complete lyrics
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a raindrop falls
he rubs his head...
-Issa, 1819
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