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03 November 2006

Burn it blue

Fantastic song from the movie Frida
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Burn this house
Burn it blue
Heart running on empty
So lost without you

But the night sky blooms with fire
And the burning bed floats higher
And she’s free to fly…

Woman so weary
Spread your unbroken wings
Fly free as the swallow sings
Come to the fireworks
See the dark lady smile
She burns…
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this is one hellofA song...
Blogger santosh, at 6.11.06  
it is a fantastic song man. i had it running in my head all day long on saturday. especially since your heart goes out for Frida. the bed cud stand for her life-long bedridden physical (and personal)suffering. burning maybe because she wanted to be and was cremated. her last diary words were,
"I hope the leaving is joyful and I hope never to return".
Blogger anish, at 7.11.06  

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