startling banals

25 July 2006's haiku contest winners

kissed by winter's breath
a tree becomes ice sculpture
nature's artistry
-ken hooper

color in the sky
serenity in the air
calm over the land
-john dula

the kiss of the wind
creates ripples in water
changing reflections
-ken hooper

shadows stalk forward
golden eyes shine in the dark
as wolves go to hunt
-myriam derome

sharp frost whitens grass
sunlight streams in golden shafts
shivering in warmth
-rachel sreen

we waste perfect dawns
each time you hesitate to
come with open arms
-amber wolf

shimmering cascade
gown of immortal satin
perfecting the rocks
-penelope bieber

clouds caress the earth
stormy lovers who embrace
in thunderous rain
-charlie burttram

a silhouette there
waiting in the woods at night
a flash and it's gone
-methuselah renard

when the waves kiss the
shore, you can hear the song of
the restless ocean
-sary soh
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