startling banals

23 July 2012

not minding
the "civilized" busfolk-
tobacco-chewing blouseless
adivasi grandmas
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the unblinking gaze of the sewing nightwatchman
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ghaaT road-
the bus driver's
favourite cassette
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fleeing from the stranger
across slime and mud-
snow white rooster
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13 July 2012

swinging alone
behind the bathroom door-
hippy pyjama
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11 July 2012

garbage heap
in the mountain village-
dogs, hens and
a peacock
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rolled around 
upside down buckets-
gajraas for working women
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standing still
as the goats hurry by-
broken leg horse
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outside the school gate
a relaxed chat-
moped moms
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staring into the morning sun
he winks at the leashed pedigree-
stray dog
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traffic-jammed bus-
the passengers watch
the tailor at work
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06 July 2012

from the fencepost
looking over the 'institute for development education'
jungle peacock
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crowded bus
getting up for her friend-
a wrinkled paaTi
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early morning
the gods are bathing-
ghaaT temple
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bus journey-
staring at the sleeping people
from dad's lap
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in an AC car
zipping by our crowded bus-
saffron swami
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on a leash
out to graze-
the favourite sheep
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04 July 2012

a stray plastic bag-
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helping her parents push 
a brimming fast food cart
on the way to school
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rush hour bus stop-
glancing at the mobile,
into the distance
she smiles
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