startling banals

06 November 2006

haikus from

The woods are moving
To the water's edge they go
To quench their deep thirst
Lindsey Rasmussen

The morning light speaks
Of darkness and mystery
It had to conquer
-Teresa Darcy

Deep reflections show
We are not alone and much
Dwells within the pond
-Barbara Lawrance

A tree stands sadly
At the rim of such greatness
Leaves shake, try to dance.
-E.Melanie Lever

Winged ballerina
Poised, she pauses for encores
Before she takes flight
-Melanie W

Trapped in Solitude,Trapped in Pain
Trapped in Selfishness
We're all going Insane.
-rudra raychaudhuri


Just curious
What is the purpose behind ur blogging
Is it that there is no purpose?
What about maintaining memoirs?
or a diary
or how abt a fotoblog
you know a picture is worth a thousand words.
Anonymous Anonymous, at 6.11.06  
Why not after all? :-)Sometimes there is no purpose.
Blogger santosh kumar, at 6.11.06  
the purpose is catharsis probably but subconsciously. blogging is a way of remaining sane in this insane world and insane circumstances. it is a psycho-social outlet for a person trying to understand life and enjoy it. :)) kidding.. i don't know why i blog. i might stop writing if i decide someday.
Blogger anish, at 7.11.06  
And a helping hand for equally insane friends like keep posting,even if u feel there's no point.
Because "deep reflections..."
Blogger tabassum, at 23.11.06  
thank you for your encouragement sreejitha! how are you? keep coming back! yes you are right, life is bearable only through the search for beauty :)
Blogger anish, at 24.11.06  
I think blog or even a net is being in touch with somebody, somebody you know or some people whome you don't know.. just connecting with common beliefs and sensiblity...
Blogger manaswini, at 21.9.07  
so many people write so beautifully and there is so much variety also. with some patience we can find what we want and what others are ready to share and contribute whatever we can.
Blogger anish, at 23.9.07  

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