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27 November 2006

Walmart in India

Walmart is going to sell its shit in India. Such sub-standard goods are not to be found anywhere else. It will make Big Bazaar's stuff look good. Consume and be consumed :)) - like the snake who eats his own tail. This summer I saw people who had come from far-off villages to Hyderabad to see shopping malls and multiplexes. Dressed in their best and feeling great to be in a mall. Very much like 'The Society of The Spectacle'. Another thing was that girls in Hyderabad dress very conservatively - social pressures no doubt - but the skin-factor in films is much more than the Bollywood average. Age of contradictions. I hate my moral high-ground. But I cannot pretend to be cool about all this.


me too....
Blogger neermathalam, at 11.12.06  
snakes eating their tails
peasants eating pastisides
husbands eating dowry-brides
all are sailing in same boat
Age of consumarism
nice to see ur blogs.
Blogger lata, at 15.2.07  

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