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24 November 2006

A research about declining sparrow population

I came across this fantastic PhD thesis by a person from England named Kate Vincent. It is a detailed analysis of the reasons why sparrows are declining from cities in England. This supports my observation over the last 15 years that sparrows numbers have indeed decreased at least in Thane.

My guess was that they have less number of suitable nesting places because of more 'modern' and closed houses because of which they have to build nests in risky spots where their kids are eaten up by crows as soon as they step out to fly for the first time.

Kate's study actually proves that the decline in their population is proportional to the amount of concrete used in buildings!

I wrote a letter saying how thankful I am for this study.


oye sahi hai yaar...
i agree ye mainey bhi notice kiya hai...bhilai mein bhi ab zyada maina hai sparrows abhi minority mein aa gaye hain..
Blogger kaa, at 25.11.06  
achha phir to yeh nation-wide phenomenon hua - at least urban areas mein. boston ke sparrow ke statistics to nahi pata. magar yaha pe ek din snowstorm hua tha. sab jagah barf - log ghar bhaag rahe the. iss mahaul mein kuch 10-12 sparrows snow mein khel rahi thi-- jaise india mein paani mein nahaati hai na waise. very funny scene.
Blogger anish, at 25.11.06  

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