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18 November 2006


Rediscovered 'Hari' from 'Nukkad' - in 'Salim Langde Pe Mat Ro' & 'Black Friday' - Pavan Malhotra. A very good actor. He should get more roles.
'Sabrina' - starring Audrey Hepburn. Wow!
'Yellow Asphalt' - a film about three love stories at the interface of Israel and Bedouin communities.
'Parinda' - after so many years. A movie that was ahead of its times. Vidhu Vinod still works with people from the same team - like Binod Pradhan.
Wonder how we manage to watch so many movies inspite of the crazy schedule. Guess the subconscious knows where one's priorities lie and finds ways to carry out its own agenda defying the constraints of an oppressive and mechanizing world :D


subconsious ka funda nice hai :)
Blogger kaa, at 20.11.06  
thanks yaar - mujhe lagta hai ki yeh sach bhi hai :) dil ki baatein dil hi jaaney hehehe
Blogger anish, at 20.11.06  

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