startling banals

13 November 2006


Rain drops hanging from
Bare branches surrounded by
Leaves about to let go
(I think there are too many words here - haiku is supposed to be an understatement with minimum adjectives - so i didn't include the word yellow for leaves. Also I am not able to convey the optical distortion seen through the tiny bulging drops. any suggestions?)

Issa's haiku is so subtle yet full of love for everything around him - sometimes melancholy and reflecting his own contemplation indirectly without being too verbose e.g.
a chicken strolls
through the sitting room...
a long day
-Issa 1823
Some of his haikus seem mischevious. Makes you doubt that he is just describing situations - maybe making fun of some people - need not be true..
around noon, squawking
the pheasant walks
through town
-Issa 1806
Thank you David Lanoue for translating his haikus.


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