startling banals

06 April 2006

A very persistent jet-lag :))

waiting for day-break
These eyes dont close till they see
the sky turning blue


you are in love with the night, jet lag to sirf ek bahana hai
Blogger santosh, at 6.4.06  
its definitely not love.. its just that i have discovered insomnia and i am stuck up with it.. c'est la vie. earlier i could sleep at whatever time i wanted - just lie down and sleep. :)
Blogger anish, at 7.4.06  
I thought you had been really traveling.

When I don't get sleep, (that is usually when I am ultra upset) I lie down and see the images that car headlights form on the roof. That puts me to sleep. Can you try it too?
Blogger Selma Mirza, at 11.4.06  
hey evenstar! hehehe no i wasnt travelling. jet-lag was just a joke. i came back from india in january and definitely dont have any jetlag by now. my home in thane is on the 3rd floor by a road and since i was a kid i have also been watching the lights of vehicles going by.. on the ceiling before going to sleep. u r right guess its very periodic and puts u to sleep. like being hypnotised :D
speaking of jetlag.. it was very funny. when i 1st came here in august. used to go to sleep early and wake up at 5 and get ready to roam about by 6, saying to myself - 'wow! i have become so regular'
btw i am sorry if my post started a cascade of nasty comments on your blog some of them were really in bad taste. my apologies.
Blogger anish, at 11.4.06  
its funny to see how small things connect us all together. be it watching ek anek on tv as kids, or watching lights on the ceiling to put ourselves to sleep. we are all connected in some way. almost like a huge being beyond our imaginations. anyway, i don't think i make sense.

about the comments on my blog, they don't affect me. nothing on my blog is personal enough to affect me :-)
Blogger Selma Mirza, at 11.4.06  

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