startling banals

11 January 2006

winners from 's online haiku contest

winter twilight
the snow owl's
changing face

Stepping stones litter
the water's edge, promising
a pathway beyond.
-Jo Anastasiadis

A springtime surprise...
Cocoons open in the rain.
Two wet butterflies!
-Lori McDade

The moon of my dreams
Appeared on the sky and lit
your soul and your eyes.
-Rafael Furlong

On top of a hill
a man watches the dim sky
if it brings more hope.
-Imre Zsoldos

her dark reflection
ripples through the lonely night
robed in memories

The sun is sleeping
to make way for the cool night
and the winds that blow
-Sophie Elisabeth Jackson-Lee

on every icicle's tip
a drop
of sunlight
-Alexey Andreyev

spring breeze--
the pull of her hand
as we near the pet store
-Michael Dylan Welch

The warmth of dawn lifts
the valley's misty blanket
to reveal her charm.
-Michael Costello

Morning flower wakes,
stretching open its petals
and greeting the day
-Sharon Hope


Enjoy reading some very visual haiku's. Enjoyed the post. Thank you.
Anonymous Anonymous, at 19.1.06  
Lovely, all different, and each with a story in such few words.
Anonymous Anonymous, at 23.1.06  
Simple yet poetic with wonderful images.
Anonymous Anonymous, at 28.9.08  

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