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07 March 2006


Les Poupees Russes
It happened one night
La lengua de las mariposas
Memoirs of a Geisha
Virgin Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors
Cinderella man
Four for Venice (saw it 2 years back in Gem - chota bhai of Gaeity Gemini Galaxy
Infernal Affairs (I & II)
A world without thieves
Chunking Express
Have to make a separate blog for movies.


It happened one night!!!

Ha ha ha same old story...guy meets girl and fall in love and thats it :-D
Blogger santosh, at 8.3.06  
btw could you upload movies on rapidshare...u know so that ur friends can also see what u are seeing :-)
think about it!!!
Blogger santosh, at 8.3.06  
it happened one night - bole to original of dil hai ki maanta nahi. must say mahesh bhatt made a very good "adaptation" though some scenes and dialogues waise ke waise uthaye hai. achhi movie hai yaar. rapidshare pe 100 MB ka limit hai. kabhi kabhi lagta hai ki kya matlab hai itni saari movies dekhne ka. database badhte jaata hai fatta maarne ka :D.
Blogger anish, at 8.3.06  
well yeah, so people break the files in less than 100 MB size and then upload. It is a little hard work, but it could be worth it :-D

database is increasing anyway, even 80gb hd is not enough, what to do...if only we could control our desires 1GB is also enuf.....fatta marne ka :-D
Blogger santosh, at 8.3.06 supports upto 1gb...
and mocashi ..isnt "four for venice" , the one we went together...i don't remember what was in it though.
Blogger kaa, at 14.3.06  
yes it was chotu, u and me.
it was abt those 2 couples - one of the husbands is having an affair with the other's wife - they run away to venice. then the wife of the runaway husband kidnaps the husband-at-home with her 2 kids and they set out to find their spouses in venice.
Blogger anish, at 14.3.06  

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