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14 March 2006

Una poema simple por un gran hombre

There is a language never heard
That only soul can speak to soul
Without the use of any word
The truth is passed, unbroken, whole.

Mere words cannot convey the truth
They always miss it, pass it by
Distort it just enough to change
A perfect truth to partial lie.

But souls can tune themselves to truth
Can find a wavelength that is free
Of all the damage done to words
In all their strife-torn history.

Beauty can help find the wave
Wonder discern the frequency
That lets two souls be tuned in love
And know the truth in unity.

-Everett Reimer (Author of "School is Dead")


i thought you wrote it ;-)
Blogger santosh, at 15.3.06  
mast hai bhai
Anonymous Prashant Kumar, at 16.3.06  
btw i am waiting for you to write something original as you said. just dont stick to the habit of giving links. :-)
it could just be your visit to the toilet...
Blogger santosh, at 16.3.06  

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