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11 May 2006

Sparrow summer home

There are two occupied sparrow nests in two rooms of my home. The respective parents are continuously shuttling to and fro from the window to the nest throughout the day. Maybe just take a quick pause during lunchtime to visit the grocer's shop for free grub. Then they again continue persistently and compulsively feeding their kids teeny weeny juicy sweet nothings & tidbits like insects, worms etc. The days are warm and the sweat keeps pouring. But there is this nice lake behind my home (to the south) over which a cool breeze generally blows in the afternoons and comes in through the windows. There is a neem, an acacia, ashok, gulmohar and few mango trees around my home and so we are spared from the direct sunshine. Around thirty five years ago there was a mango grove where the buildings are today. And so the name of the lake was 'Ambe-Ghosaale Talaav' (literally Wash Mango Lake). Two haikus dedicated to better, more human and natural living conditions in the city.
summer siesta
do not be afraid of me
sparrow mom and dad
summer afternoon
a cool breeze over the lake
the tied boats go round


home, sweet home! :-)

i'm so happy for you. and your house sounds so nice anish, especially with the sparrows' nests :-D

jetlag ho gaya?
Blogger Selma Mirza, at 11.5.06  
btw tu hydi kabhi bhi aa sakta hai...job to chalta rahega...main kuch din off le sakta hoon, shayad agle month mein muje bahut kaam karna padega, is month to kuch nahin kiya jyada ;-) make sure tu paisa lekar aaye ok!! idhar enjoy karne ke liye sab hai bas paisa nahin hain, lekin no big deal!...ask manik too to tell his boss to fuckoff...:-D
Blogger santosh, at 11.5.06  
thanks evenstar,
btw the sparrows say hi to you :)
and thanks to the jetlag i sleep at 11 and wake at 6. hahaha.
so when is the interview?
are u 'all set'? :))

santo i am coming to hydy soon. now there are at least 4-5 people to visit there. paisa toh no probs loot ke laya hu US ko :D
Blogger anish, at 14.5.06  
poori baraat nako! lekin chalega if shaadi mein aana hai sabko :-D
Blogger santosh, at 15.5.06  
Say hey right back to the sparrow :-) NOW you sound happy, but still more peaceful than happy....

Santosh, I'll be coming to Hyderabad too before I leave :-)
Blogger Selma Mirza, at 16.5.06  
evenstar u are welcome too..:-D infact everybody is welcome...though i have not explored hydi even a bit. lekin mumbai ki hawa idhar bhi aa jaye to acchi baat hai... I did not live at 44 deg since past 7 years :-( it feels like u are standing behind a car exhaust when u walk on the road here...i dont know about other people but i walk very fast in the sun in short distances and very efficient in finding little shadey areas to walk in :-)..but this is not enough..anish tu confirm kar kab aa raha hai...maine aaj ghar saaf kar liya, meri mehnat pani mein na jane paye ok!!! ;-)
Blogger santosh, at 17.5.06  
kal ya parso raat ko nikalta hu bus se. ummeed hai baarish rehmat dikhaegi.
evenstar, are u related to sania :-p?
u didnt tell me when is ur interview etc r u prepared?
Blogger anish, at 17.5.06  

Thanks for dropping in. Ambe-ghosale talav.....sounds familiar. Where is it?

Ah, those mangoes. My second year without them. :-(
Blogger Dadoji, at 24.5.06  
Forgotten blogger home :-(
Blogger Selma Mirza, at 17.6.06  

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