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28 October 2006

Bollywood tussi great ho ji

"O peena to shuru karo ji, aap to pehli hi funtoosh ho gaye ho"
"Babu Chironjilal jaisi beemari waisa ilaaj"
Khosla Ka Ghosla is fantastic!
Perfect casting, fundoo cinematography, smartly written screenplay, crisp dialogue delivery, right pace, very good background score that complements a well thought out story, human characters and a real feel of the Delhi atmo & lingo. This is the least I can say about this fantastic comedy. Ranvir Shorey, Boman Irani, Vinay Pathak & Anupam Kher are really the best! Should I say.. the movie while capturing the decadent spirit of the capital's polity and showing the prevalence of dalaali & lawlessness at all levels in a sarcastic way also tells the comic story of how some people come together to dupe the ultimate fraudster to take back whats rightfully theirs. Do not miss this film.


I still havent seen the movie
BTW when have u been to Delhi??
Anonymous Anonymous, at 6.11.06  
i have sneaked to delhi for short spells here and there. but haven't really 'lived' the life there. i have had friends from delhi so its not too hard to relate to the movie. watch this movie asap.
Blogger anish, at 7.11.06  

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