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08 October 2006

Infernal Affairs - The Departed

Today a friend told me on the phone that she saw this movie yesterday - 'The Deported'. I asked who was deported? Strange name for a film. Turned out that I got the Latin accent completely wrong. Tonight came the touché! A review of The Departed on desicritics which turned out to be the Hong-Kong movie Infernal Affairs remade in Hollywood.

Wow! That was a fantastic movie. All the movie freaks of Powai were clean bowled by this movie 2-3 years back. 'Fuck man kya movie hai. Kya? nahi dekhi? Aaj pakka dekhna. Kaunse server pe hai. Mein jake mera ftp chalu karta hu. Waha se lele. Anonymous login.' Then someone downloaded Infernal Affairs II on public demand and put it on the LAN. Those were the days of subtitle mania and an explosion of non-Hollywood film appreciation and I hope the tradition continues.

But the question is can the star director Martin Scorsese and Jack Nicholson, Matt Damon and Leonardo DiCaprio match the performance of the original artists. Have to watch it before I get deported. Its not fair to compare but when you adapt/remake a great movie you better be good at it. 'Dil hai ke maanta nahi' was a good adaptation cum copy of the 50's movie 'It happened one night'. Maybe I could reconcile the two because I saw 'Dil hai ke..' before. But at the end - all's cool if paisa vasool. So thumbs up Scorsese and people should thank him if he has made a good movie in English.
Breaking News!!!
'The Departed' is as bad as it gets. Bad characterization, zero style, badly written screenplay and a waste of money and time. Go for 'Infernal Affairs'. No comparison. Tony Leung is a much better actor than Leonardo DiCaprio who is very unconvincing as a cop in a ganster's guise. Matt Damon is even worse. There is nothing great about 'The Departed'.


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