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29 October 2006

Met Muzaffar Ali

Came out in the intermission.. after the Turkish sufi peformance. Muzaffar Ali himself standing at the door talking with people. Man in a brown leather jacket with flowing hair. Like a sufi saint. We were feeling silly to go and talk to him. Finally himmat jutaai aur baat karne gaye.
Hi. Mera naam Anish hai. Aur yeh hai Tanmay.. (shakes our hand) 'Kaise hai aaplog?'
Humko aapki Umrao Jaan movie bahot pasand hai aur baar baar dekhte rehte hai. Bahot achhi lagti hai. 'Thank you'
Waise to hum yaha physics ke phd students hai magar humey films mein bahot interest hai. Aap bataa sakte hai humey kya karna chahiye, shuruaat kaise karni chahiye?
'Concepts pe kaam karo'
'Pehle aap likhna chalu karo'
'Un cheezo pe jo aapke dil ke kareeb hai' (had a smile on his face all the time)
Thank you. Bahot khushi hui aapse milke.
He looks very down to earth and kind hearted - cool and gentle. Nice person.
Zila Khan daughter of Vilayat Khan was quite good. Felt sorry for the firangs who could not understand the meaning of her songs. Maybe just the vocal effect is good enough for them. :)

The original Jahan-e-Khusro at Delhi in first week of March must be fantastic. Have to go there some day.


It's a lovely template. From the couple of posts I have read, the template really goes with the mood and the message.


By the way, any concepts you are working on? Nope...not trying to steal ideas!
Blogger Mukta, at 31.10.06  
thanks a lot! i am still working on the template.

steal :D i have a lot of masala but no fursat & tajurba to get down to writing things down.
Blogger anish, at 1.11.06  
nice time you had hunh ?
now work on some concepts..
Blogger kaa, at 12.11.06  
mi placer. ur wish is my command dost.
Blogger anish, at 12.11.06  

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