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19 October 2006

PM saab when will the suicides stop?

Flashed extensively on the web - PM Manmohan Singh today 'admitted' there is something seriously wrong when he said 'Agricultural sector in crisis'. Encore! I am sure that he is a sincere person. But how long will it take before real help reaches the farmers? Will talk about reforms, regulations, indexes, paradigms, regimes and markets better their condition? Do these people who have lost almost everything need this jargon? Why this step-motherly treatment visavis big industry? 'Ohh Mittal is being victimised by racism!' 'Reliance has a fundamental right to seize lands for SEZs!' Which middleman should they hire to push their 'lobby'? Or should they send a celebrity MP to Rajya Sabha to talk for them? Yavatmal and most of Vidarbha will go Naxalite soon. Maybe that will be better than having to wait & hope for the government to help. The Govt of Maharashtra meanwhile is at its shameless best. Sending psychiatrists & babas to lecture them! As if the BJP-Sena disaster was not enough. P Sainath's article (series) on indiatogether describes the situation.


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