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28 October 2006

Police wala kissa

Parso raat ko hum log sutta pi rahe the
mein td vivek aur ashenafi
ek police ka car saamne se gaya
phir peeche aaya
ek policewala utra. Chehra poora laal tha (drunk?)
hands on hips - shouts at td: You! Come here!
why were u so fidgety when i passed in the car?
why were u nervous?
i am not nervous
well i saw u jump 20 feet when u saw me pass
no man
whom r u calling a man?? i am an officer!
what r u smoking? are u smoking weed?
no this is a cigarette
u sure? show me your id!
learn to relax when a police car passes by
aur chala gaya.
He was literally shouting commands as if hum log military ka drill karne aaye hai. Very rude.
Ajeeb desh hai. Is this racism btw? Or just that he had to show some work to his seniors?


Wah bhai bahut padhai kar rahe ho. Ab sutta chod do.(Best Advice I can give :P)
Blogger Manasi, at 29.10.06  
yes u r right abt padhai :D i have quit smoking btw.
Blogger anish, at 1.11.06  
congrats on quitting smoke
(its pretty hard to believe though :D)
Anonymous Anonymous, at 6.11.06  
what can i say.. but why anonymous?
Blogger anish, at 7.11.06  
darr gaya tha kya???

Anonymous Anonymous, at 8.11.06  
kisse daru?? police se? lekin woh to chala gaya :-p
Blogger anish, at 8.11.06  
arey bhai congrats blog ne kaamyaabi haasil kee :)
Blogger kaa, at 12.11.06  
ab kaamyaab hua hai to yaha likhna band karta hu. startsmoke.blogspot banaata hu :)
Blogger anish, at 12.11.06  

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