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22 October 2006

"You two are from India"

Yesterday night was chilly, it was 8 'o clock and TD, me, Gina & Ashenafi decided to revisit an Ethiopian restaurant 'New Addis Ababa' where we had said goodbye to Wenjie & Puiyin in April. But it was too crowded and we were told to wait for 1 hour out in the cold. So we ditched the plan and started walking towards Backbay station where AsheDadi claimed were many ok restaurants. Stepped into a Mexican looking place and took seats.

The plump waiter comes along and keeps up the friendly banter. Sometime after he serves us our food, he comes to the table and start chatting again. Here and there.. 'Can you guys tell where I am from?' I: 'Mexico?' 'No'.. Gina: 'Guatemala?' He: 'Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador. I am from El Salvador. You know where that is?' "Can you tell where we are from?" Pointing towards me & TD, 'You two are from India(confidently)' Towards Gina, 'You are from .hmmm.. Philippenes(?)' (Gina is from Columbia) 'And you (towards Ashenafi) .. you are from .. Cuba(?)' (He is from Ethiopia)

Desis are so obvious huh. Skin? Maybe the accent? But TD is from Paschim Midnapur and I am from Thane!


Anonymous Anonymous, at 6.11.06  
yes this place is crawling with desis. they are going to take over some day. hehehe..
Blogger anish, at 7.11.06  

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