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26 December 2006

22 June 2006

It was a night to remember. Had Bombay Duck at home. Called up Kaa, Santo & Vijay. Fixed program. Marine drive in the evening. We met Vijay after his office at VT who made us eat vadapav near New Excelsior. Walked to marine drive - ate Kala Jamun and Bong sweets at Mathura dairy opposite Asiatic store. The monsoon had started with a bang and half a dozen people had been fried by lightning just the night before. It was the perfect storm to have a chilling near-death experience at Marine Drive. The night was day! A huge and thundering bolt striking every 4-5 seconds. As we walked towards Charni Road, the lightning seemed to get closer and closer till we were about sure to be hit anytime! Called up Sanober - the lady with a sher ka dil, caught a taxi and took a wine bottle & a litre of vodka. It was nice to meet her and Neeraj (FTII cinematographer works with Rajat Kapoor's troupe) again after 6 months. They helped me a lot in Dec 2005 and living with them kept me normal for those 2-3 weeks. Then we finished the wine and vodka, had food, said bye and whooshed back to Powai gaon the place where we belong. Kaa had written about it back in July.

Bombay Duck (quack quack)

The Three Amigos on last local

Ghost train - Arey bhai koi hai!

Strictly prohibited!

2 AM - the long walk to hostel


vaah yaar yadein taza ho gayi..
aur i have joined uzanto, it's in delhi..abhi delhi mein hi hoon...kal joining hai..
blog daalta hoon aaj
Blogger kaa, at 26.12.06  
thats very good news yaar. best wishes to u man! i am sure u will like delhi also. but bombay will miss u. apne trance floor ka kuch kar :)
Blogger anish, at 26.12.06  
why does every mumbai diary make me jealous :((...the place rocks man. I was in Powai campus for mood Indigo...that was exactly 6 yrs back. have u read BusyBee ? 'bombay duck' n stuff :)

Have a great 2007 !
Blogger b v n, at 3.1.07  
thank you very much bvn for all your appreciation! our campus is great man! i consider it my 'real' home. very tranquil and laidback. busybee- has he written about bombay duck? it is also called "Bombill" btw.
this is a nice site by busybee, have u seen it?
best wishes to u too!
Blogger anish, at 3.1.07  
Yes...I'm an ardent reader of Busybee...even I've named my dog "Bolshoi" :))
Blogger b v n, at 4.1.07  
Yes he's written a lot about Bombay Duck and some local drink I dont know the name now.
Blogger b v n, at 4.1.07  

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