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26 December 2006

Retro-hit 'Mr Nostalgia'

I have never seen this place so deserted before. No one on the streets, shops closed and no traffic too. Just when I was in the shower, the fire alarm started screaming and I had to come out, wait outside and buy food outside although we had lunch warm & ready at home.

Yesterday night was wild. Tenzin was here and TD, him and I spent half the night cracking PJs, playing great songs and laughing insanely till out faces were red (finishes the jumbo vodka bottle)! Earlier we went to Susmita's home to eat Tuna pattice where we met a senior from IITB (2001 passout mech H4) and started taking his intro :D He was quick to realize that he was in dangerous company and tried to make himself invisible.

Two days back (23rd) TD & I went to Watertown - 1/2 hour train, 1/2 hour bus to watch Bhagam Bhag in a very old cinema theatre - nowadays you don't see such theatres even in India. On the way back by bus, it had turned dark and in almost all the homes by the road, people had turned off the electric lights and had lit candles in the windows and indoors. I didn't know about this Christmas custom and I still don't understand the meaning. It looked beautiful.

Reminded me of the rare power cuts back home. I used to go to the terrace to look at the stars. Feels so cool and soothing - no lights. Once upon a time in 1995, my cousin bhai was at our place & my mom made biryani in the dark. It was delicious. I think people concentrate on their food when the light is dim.

Then once about 6 & 1/2 years back I had gone to a village near Chiplun-Dabhol-Ratnagiri with Nissim, Manu and her mom. We reached there very late - around 11 PM. It was a nice fishing village with really big houses built on different levels cut out of a hill facing the sea! The roads in this region are really fantastic - go up and down on hills covered with forests/ mango/coconut groves - run parallel to the coast - so you get to see some breath-taking views of the sea when the road brings you on a cliff. We had to hitch a ride on some transport rikshaw also. Got off - it was pitch dark on the road (no moon too) - and looked up. It was unbelievable!! I had never seen so many stars in the sky! Khachaa-khach! I couldn't even figure out the regular constellations like Orion, Cassiopeia or Great Bear. The estrellas kept on increasing the longer you looked. It was too thrilling - almost terrifying. Although she was not expecting us, our host was so happy to see Manu's mom that a Rooster was sacrificed :D of course there was infinite fish (slurp!) - we were too hungry to care for etiquette or political correctness and devoured the ceremonial rooster raw. Hehehehe .. but we really ate like crazy that night.


Anish that reminds me of my experience at Murud Janjeera. We had reached the place very late at night; this was a family picnic (of office colleagues) and I had to take care of sleeping arrangements for a number of kids & their mothers. After everything was settled we decided to explore the seashore and make plans for the next day. It was pitch dark but the sound of the waves was enough to guide us to the beach. All the time during the walk we were arguing animatedly about something. And just then my gaze turned to the sky. I could barely say "Look up". what we saw was beyond our wildest imagination. Soooo many stars! We all were speechless for a very long time! I thnk we talk so much about pollutions of various kinds. But never about the light pollution ? Thanks for reminding me of one of the priceless experices in my life!
Blogger MathsInMarathi, at 28.12.06  
it is really unbelievable right? and we are always so full of ourselves that we forget that there are so many stars above!!
did u start blogging also? please do, i find it is a good way to relax :)
Blogger anish, at 29.12.06  
What a coincidence!, I started blogging today. Just wrote my first blog and wanted to tell you about it. Of course, it is quite amateurish but you may have look at my first attempt.
Blogger Maths_In_Marathi, at 30.12.06  
Here is Mannu's Mom
Anish, I could recall my those days in Konkan when we were strugling against Enron. I still feel, to preserve such beautiful nature no big harmful, industry should enter to that place.
It was rainy morning. I was walking with Archis and her mom on the sea shore. suddenly there was thunder, we ran fast and stood below the trees, holding each other's hands, sheivering. we just look above, there were three rainbows in the sky. thunder opened the treasure. 7*3 colours.
Lata P.M.
Blogger lata, at 15.2.07  
latamai you found me! haha
that must be a really fantastic scene that you just described. and you have had the great luck to travel so extensively. i envy you.
Blogger anish, at 15.2.07  
ithe pratibha shinde basli ahe. amhi milun ek masik kadhnar ahot. saguna. Tichya satpudyatli ek gammat sangat hoti. Gujratjaval Surya nehmipeksha tripple motha disto suryodayachyaveli. To baghayala bhartatyav lagte.ha,ha... envy karat basu nako. Ithe ye. mag khup phirta yeil. tuzi maitrin manu lagnat khup chan disat hoti.
Lata Mai.
Blogger lata, at 18.2.07  
hahaha the sun looks 3 times big from Gujrat!! anything is possible. gujrat ni asmita :D
it must be because of the great glory of the hindurashtra and the great hindu king straight from the dark ages, mr modi.
i dont know how and when i will be able to come back. but what i think is that i have come here now - so kuch achha karke hi wapas aaunga.
how are you?
Blogger anish, at 20.2.07  

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