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03 February 2007

Kheema Paav

Wash the blood off the kheema :D
Finely cut/ make a paste of ginger (more) and garlic - mix with kheema.
Add dahi, meat masala, little turmeric, some red chilli powder, salt and mix well and marinate for as long as you want.
Cut onions and fry till brown(referably in a stainless steel pressure cooker), add some dalchini, whatever etc etc.. (doesnt matter much).
Then pour the marinated bloody mixture into the cooker and keep on stirring for 15-20 minutes.
Add tomato puree if you want. If you don't have dahi then lemon juice will do.
Add appropriate amount of water.
Close the lid of the pressure cooker and let it blow steam (:D) for 3 or 4 times.
When the lid comes off, take off extra water for a dryish kheema by boiling it off.
Get some uncut Italian bread. Cut it. Melt some butter on a pan. Let those pieces of bread soak in some butter.

Open the lid of the cooker.
Decorate the kheema with some coriander (cilantro) leaves.

Serve in a dish with paav with a piece of lemon :)


:D ..
this is the most kill billest reipe i have ever read...
Some people may even think it is an allegorical tale, referring to something else.
i'll definitely try this.
Blogger kaa, at 4.2.07  
You could start a cooking blog, i'll do contri with noodles,egg burji n tea hehe
Blogger b v n, at 5.2.07  
seeing your post, I decided to cook kheema pav for dinner tonight. added some frozen peas for effect. came out great. whats your next recipe Mo?
Blogger Chinmay, at 9.2.07  
actually my kheema turned out to be some kind of fusion cooking. the tomato puree i used came with italian seasoning :d
Blogger Chinmay, at 9.2.07  
all my roomies except one are harcore veggies, who would puke at the site of raw flesh, let alone seeing and smelling it cook, in their kitchen. the remaining is a softcore non - veggie. we are hugely outnumbered.
Blogger kaa, at 11.2.07  
kaa bhaiyya. yaar maana ki india mein democracy hai magar iska matlab yeh nahi ki majority ki manmaani. you also have some rights as a practicisng non-vegetarian :D

bvn thats a fantastic idea. now that you have a flashy camera you can even take great pictures of the delicious yummies you cook!

chotu that is great. melting pot mein sab kuch cook kar rahe ho :p
i will try stg similar to what you suggested next time. today i have lamb steaks :D
Blogger anish, at 15.2.07  

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