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17 February 2007


Last week I went to New York to meet my dearest cousin Aditi. My friends told me that there are two Chinese bus companies that take you from Boston to NY real cheap. One is the (in)famous Fung-Wah and the other one is Lucky Star. I met Aditi online on Tuesday 10.30PM and she told me that she is going back to LA on Wednesday in the afternoon. Its been 5 months that she has been on this continent and I hadn't met her. So I decided to go to NY by the 2 AM Lucky Star bus. It reached NY at 5.20 which is some record. It was f$%#%@g cold there. Had a nice time with the doctor and her friends. I did not like the city and longed to be back in good old secure familiar Boston. Anyway on the way back, thought of yet another silly haiku :D
Lucky Star bus
people turn off lights
Is that Andromeda rising in the east?


you have become a pro :)..
really yaar
Blogger kaa, at 19.2.07  
yaar tere woh "conversations with someone who's got everything sorted out" mast hai. majaa aa jaata hai padhke.

let me see what the pros have to say.
mere ghar ke peeche ek Kaji Aso studio hai - waha pe boston haiku society milti hai. kabhi jaunga aur dekhunga kya karte hai :D
Blogger anish, at 20.2.07  

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