startling banals

05 March 2007

Today morning around 6, half asleep I heard geese calls fading away.
Dark.. almost sunrise
geese call as they fly over rooftops-
to spring home with Artic view.
when do I fly to see you?


Beauty :)

in our place there is a saying that migratory birds dont cry.they'll come back, perhaps.
Blogger b v n, at 10.3.07  
you have turned into a pro man
Blogger kaa, at 12.3.07  
bvn, yes it was beautiful to hear their sounds in the dark. and imagine these slow heavy birds flying to some really distant destination without actually seeing them. there is some magic here :) and they will be back with their kids next year probably to the same marsh "Back Bay Fens" behind my home.

thank you again for ur appreciation kaa - i don't think i am a pro yaar.. i just wrote down what i felt and heard :)
issa has done this so effectively. today i got my daily issa haiku, it goes this way-
the snail does just
as he pleases...
curled to sleep

-Issa, 1821
Blogger anish, at 13.3.07  
did u intend longing for india in this..coz i can see it
Blogger kaa, at 17.3.07  
nahi yaar. i was being romantic :)
Blogger anish, at 17.3.07  

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