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17 April 2007

Prawns Curry

Got this simple recipe from my grandma today and tried it. Turned out delicious.

Clean the prawns (took me a lot of time). Wash them. If big, break into two. Apply turmeric powder, chilli powder, salt and Kokam/tamarind for sour taste. Crush some garlic and also apply to the prawns.

Crush some more garlic and chop some onion(not much) finely. Heat enough oil in a vessel, fry the garlic till brownish and then fry onion. Take care not to burn it otherwise taste ka vaat lag jaega. Pour the marinated prawns in the vessel, add some water if necessary, move everything around for some time and cover with a lid so that it cooks under steam. Cut some coriander(cilantro/dhaniya/kothimbir) and add it. Will be ready in around 20 minutes, eat preferably with rice.
Next time will add coconut milk!


"clean the prawns(took me a lot of time)"... If I remember right, we are supposed to remove their intestines in this step. ( A black thread like part ?)
Blogger Wish, at 17.4.07  
yes the black threads. i wonder why they r considered harmful? maybe they contain some enzymes that are bad for our digestion :D
Blogger anish, at 18.4.07  

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