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22 June 2007

Rules are for you

No rules for the government. It can bend any law if there is 'political will'. After all they make the laws. What matters is does it profit the ruling class of MPs MLAs corporators and their corporate cousins. Then that will be termed 'good for the economy'. There are some like Manmohan Singh who are the believers - who believe in the inherent goodness of the free economy. And there are those who reap the fruits of the believers' faith. Again whats good for the economy need not be good for people. The free economy is an article of faith and counter-examples are just exceptions. So just shut up and fall in line. But I must say.. democracy looks cute in constitutions. Constitutions -sweet nothings.

SEZ land acquisition notices in Raigad


ha the state,
no one knows who is profiting,
such a sad state.
Anonymous Anonymous, at 26.6.07  

BVN :)
Anonymous Anonymous, at 26.6.07  
hi bvn. and the sad part is that there is no place where people can expect to get justice. should they be forced to go naxal or live in slums and footpaths?

the maharashtra government has even arrested people prior to any agitation like some american pre-emptive strike. keeping a watch, tapping phones, having the LIB (local intelligence bureau) visit their homes and all sort of intimidation. for what? so that a particular company should not have any problems when they come to acquire the land.

this kind of feudal and mafia-like police and administration has been existing in remote interior areas but now this goes on everywhere. in the name of reforms and some ultra-sacred thing called the economy.
Blogger anish, at 27.6.07  

Maoists enforce a 48-hour-long "economic blockade" in three states to protest against the government's decision to allow SEZs

just as expected
Blogger anish, at 27.6.07  

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