startling banals

09 July 2007

Timi-Maach watching

My Bong vocab vastly improved yesterday as TD and I went whale watching with Machu and Rehman. We got to see a lot of Timi-Maach surfacing every 10 minutes to breathe and diving tail up.. leaving a glassy disc marking the place they dived in. Also came to know that these humpback whales come to the North Atlantic to feed on the fish that are abundant due to lots of phytoplankton (that make the sea look green). They grow tremendously fat and migrate to the Caribbean in winter to mate and eat almost nothing in their stay there. The sea there is blue because there is not much phytoplankton. It was great fun to ride in a speedy boat and go deep in the sea leaving everything behind. Got a slight taste of how a sailor's life must be. Machu explained why sailors walk with their legs apart even on land... as they are used to walking that way on swaying boats in rough seas. How different life seems with the sea around you. The city looks insignificant as we approach land.. a faint hint of buildings.


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