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09 July 2007

Wish list

Trek in Kumaon, live in Kausani for a few months.
Live in Goa and learn Goan, eat tons of fish.
Cover my backlog of books to be read.
Visit Mombasa and go to safari, Mt Kenya, Embu-Meru, Malindi and the Rift Valley again.
Visit Denis Finch-Hatton's grave on the Ngong Hills and Karen's home.
Do some worthwhile research
Go bicycle trekking with Youth Hostels in Ladakh.
Visit Coorg and verify its beauty.
Taste all the fruits in the world.
Sketch beautifully.
Live in Prague for a while.
Compose less cliche poems.
Extend my attention span to more than a few dozen seconds.
Be good to good people.
Respect differences in peoples' lifestyle, attitude, outlook.
Offer criticism without being judgmental.
Be inclusive without giving up my own views in spite of my confusions.
Live on a ship for a few weeks.
Visit Machu Picchu.
to be cont'd..


Terrific. Include me in some, including the Machu Pichu one! :)
Blogger pophabhi, at 25.7.07  
anytime buddy :)
Blogger anish, at 17.8.07  

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