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29 July 2007

Wong Kar-Wai

He is a film director from Hong Kong (a friend of Tarantino) - people were crazy for his movies which were popular on ftp servers in iitb. 2046 and Chunking Express are two of his very good movies. I haven't seen In The Mood For Love which I am going to watch on youtube right now! Tony Leung (the undercover cop in Infernal Affairs acts in all these 3 movies)

'Siboney' - supposedly a sensual classic song in Spanish has been used in 2046. Someone has made a mock video on youtube. The lyrics and approximate English translation. I really like this song.


really nice song ., u have the mp3?
Blogger kaa, at 10.8.07  
si senor. 'amores perros' mein gaana tha yaad hai - si senor.
Blogger anish, at 10.8.07  

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