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06 August 2007

The Fugitive Cat

Just take care while you write. Don't let anyone guess you are a psycho. Let them think you are normal and write logically. No controversies. Just plain apolitical and normal-guy stuff. All topics carefully filtered out. Cute observations and mainstream fun. Sound sorted-out, well-informed and confident. But don't overdo it please. No normative judgements. Only objective-sounding statements supporting the status-quo. Its time to project a new you. A conformist and post-modern you.

Don't tell them things like the scene you just saw. That you saw no humans in your university tonight when you went to the lab at 12 (Don't tell them that!). Instead for the first time in Boston you saw a cat on its own. A few hours past moonrise. They have such efficient animal-control here. This Indian-looking white cat with brown patches. And what was the cat doing? Walking close to the buildings with graceful proud strides that accentuated its long white legs. Yet walking in the shadows like it had escaped from jail. Looking suspiciously at you as it sneaked away. Don't even mention that you thought of calling security to take it to a shelter. That would have been treacherous. Robbing an animal of its freedom to be "well-treated" in an appropriate secure environment. But if humans the dominant species can't live as they want to, how can a cat expect such liberty. It should also learn to fit in. Like me.

The Cat That Walked By Himself


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