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22 September 2007

Indian scientists cowards!

BVN's post on the latest desperate drama to return to power of the RSS/BJP - Ram Setu. As with most of their potential non-issues that are kept on the back burner till the time is right, they have been doing a lot of cheap canvassing for years via innocent-looking forwards showing NASA satellite photographs of this limestone shoal.

Yet another scientific truth sacrificed at the altar of not hurting the religious sentiments of people. Can't a single Indian scientist stand up and explain how it is a natural structure? Are they afraid of attacks by the VHP or of losing their government jobs? Don't they have any self-respect or confidence in their own science? How many geologists does it take to explain these facts. Is it their own condescending attitude towards the Indian public's intelligence. The pious ignorant people of India who are so hyper-sensitive about religion. Bullshit.

Can't scientists have any scientific sentiments that can be hurt like religious sentiments? Don't they feel offended when someone publicly mocks their life's work and makes political capital out of it? Don't they feel like going on a mass strike till justice is done and the liars accept the truth?

What government is this that deems scientific knowledge so inferior. Isn't our PM Oxford educated? What good is all this education. Isn't this pseudo-secularism (to steal a phrase coined by the RSS itself). That a Sikh Prime Minister cannot talk about Ram.


Passion-lacking, govt.'s pet cowards, man!
Anonymous Anonymous, at 23.9.07  

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