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28 October 2007

Is it possible for humans to live without killing the earth?

The population of the United States is 300 million and the number of passenger vehicles is 240 million. If everyone consumes energy and resources by the US average, only 1/6th of the human race can live. And everyone is rushing to meet the American Dream even within their own countries. Going by example, China and India will have to invade Central Asia for oil for their booming economies.

Recently I heard a very good talk by an economist from India who is probably a member of the Planning Commission, about how rigourously growth rates and poverty rates are actually calculated. But none of the experts talks about the simple numbers of a sustainable lifestyle. Rahul's home in Indore is an example of a beautiful natural urban life (Watch the video).


Anish, I remember reading an essay by Isaac Asimov where he had tried to explain to his fellow countrymen - how by consuming the natural fuels (which were accumulated over several million years) at such an alarming rate, they were robbing their future generations. I think that was a much more powerful argument and was explained in a very simple language. ( After all Asimov must be aware of the futility of expecting them to think about the rest of the world etc.) In India, Government policies are also creating problems. Have you noticed vehicle loans come at a much cheaper rate and are very easy to obtain as against loans for business/industry.
Anonymous Anonymous, at 30.10.07  
there is also this 'one lakh rupee car' coming up.
do you have that essay by asimov? it will be interesting to see if we can make something out of it now or compare conditions then with today.
Blogger anish, at 30.10.07  
yesterday some of us were discussing the dangers of nuclear energy when i made the comment that the exhaust fumes from motor cars are far more dangerous because they are continuously poisoning the environment on a much larger scale that nuclear power plants.
Blogger Rahul Banerjee, at 30.10.07  
So true. Vehicular pollution and its bad effects are really so much more extensive and more people have to suffer because of it.
Blogger anish, at 30.10.07  
I am sorry, I haven't got that essay by Asimov. Actually I had not read the original but had read a translation in Marathi. I like Asimov's non fiction, but these books are very difficult to get.
Blogger Wish, at 1.11.07  
Just look at this!!
Asimov was really very prolific..
Blogger anish, at 3.11.07  
Thanks for the link. Now let me see how many I can buy. I am mostly interested in his books on Science Popularisation & History. Last year I could managed to get; with considerable difficulty; 2 parts of his autobiography.
Anonymous Anonymous, at 5.11.07  
tell me if you want me to bring any. i can also look in used books stores.
Blogger anish, at 10.11.07  

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