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09 October 2007

The morning I saw the daydreaming sparrow

My advisor sent me to Radioshack to buy some special batteries for the lab. I had a 4-5 day-old beard and the middle-aged guy at the shop joked(?) - 'Is this for a terrorist project?' Very funny huh.


terrorism seems to have gripped the american psyche ever since 9/11 happened. and of course bearded brownies will send shock waves into the white subconscious even if it is finally expressed in the form of macabre jokes and not outright hatred. why dont these whites sit back and think that they evoke the same kind of aversion and hatred among the browns, reds and the blacks for the many atrocities that they have committed on them for over half a millennium?
Blogger Rahul Banerjee, at 10.10.07  
hi rahul!
I agree with you that the atrocities committed by races on each other have been horrible but please don't be so harsh on all americans. i think america is a country of honest hard-working people and it has its share of contradictions like any other society. our own record in india is not so good. eg look at how badly black visitors to India are treated.

Thanks for stopping by!
Blogger anish, at 12.10.07  
Very very very very funny anish :-) I almost feel off laughing :-)
Blogger Ameet, at 16.10.07  

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