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09 October 2007

Biology 101: Response to stimulus = You are alive

I remember the consoling comments from friends on one of my homesick posts. Back then I was completely sick and tired of the sanitized and planned nature of the American city I live in. Also I missed the company of friends and my familiarity with Powai terribly. I really identified with them strongly. Something you take for granted over the years, to realize it's gone only when you suddenly find yourself in a new system with a different set of boundary conditions. Then you welcome existential angst with open arms and even get married to it.

Meanwhile, people tell you - 'Get busy and forget your feelings'

Chitra's cartoon 'Feeling Hollow in America' and some blogs that told people (non-desis who were planning to shift to India) not to expect order anywhere - which would make living in India easier. We can conclude by combining these two that the key factor that makes life in these places seem so starkly contrasting is the external stimuli that we are bombarded with. Its sheer volume in a bustling city in India overwhelmingly exceeds anything found in America. I won't go into listing all the stimuli. It is too obvious. Still, allow me to shout.. "Eureka!! Eureka!!"


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