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06 December 2007

6 dec

The day Dr Ambedkar died in his sleep. A man who changed the lives of crores of people, worked tirelessly and selflessly with a firm determination and unshakable confidence in the truth of his beliefs and convictions. A true scholar and compassionate human being. A constant source of inspiration for not only people from his community but everyone who feels strongly about social justice and equality.

Also the day the Babri Masjid was destroyed by insane volunteers of the RSS, VHP, BJP and Shiv Sena - the incident that polarized India for a long time and brought the BJP to power at the Centre and some states. The culprits - L K Advani, Uma Bharti, M M Joshi, Ashok Singhal who are directly responsible for the death of thousands of innocent people have not yet been punished.


kyun bhai, politics join karne ka iraada hai kya ? Bush administartion mein kab laut rahe ho ? ;)
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