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19 December 2007

Jab We Met director interview

Imtiaz Ali - the prodigal director has two successful genuinely romantic and fresh movies (Socha Na Tha, Jab We Met- yet to watch). I read a one-page interview in the latest Filmfare (everything else was complete bakwaas) in my dentist's waiting room. Some interesting kissey-
Did you have problems working with Kareena?
IA: Kareena is not exactly my favourite actress .. but she has her good as well as bad films. But she is capable of giving strong performances. She is very well behaved, punctual.. Director's actress - if I had told her to jump in front oif a speeding car - she would have done exactly that.

One day I told her that she won't be wearing any make-up for most scenes and only simple punjabi dresses. She asked me -'Oh.. So you want the no make-up look?" I said - "No! I want you to wear no make-up".

Then once I joked-"Kareena what about your reputation as a star? You should throw a tantrum on the sets now and then.. Come late once in a while"

What about your next film?
IA: I don't have a 3 - film contract etc with any production house. So I am going on holiday now.. To get this film out of my system.

Kya cool peaceful bandaa hai!! :D

On the sets of Jab We Met
picture gallery from BBC

Two post- Socha Na Tha interviews:
Kaffeeklatsch with Imtiaz Ali
Talented Mr. Ali

Good movie.. complete masti. An uncle-aunty were getting naughty in the next seat ;)



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