startling banals

20 April 2008

abandoned nest
now hidden
in cherry blossoms


Looks like you are going to be a Zen Master soon :)
Anonymous Snap, at 20.4.08  
zen master :))
look what is today's daily issa!

cool and calm
deep in the thorn thicket...
blooming plum

-Issa, 1817
Blogger anish, at 20.4.08  
You're blooming alright!
And i registered. Thanks for the link :)
Anonymous Snap, at 21.4.08  
Thanks anish
It was a pleasure reading in here..from within a train window..hope you are well.cheers and wishes..
Blogger Junuka, at 26.4.08  
i was coming back from goa with a junior in may 2007. we ate only fish. no rice, no chapati, only fish :) (fish is called 'nustey' there)
took the photo in a local train from vashi
Blogger anish, at 27.4.08  
so nice!
fish is a greatest thing on the earth..
Arrey mi pan searching searching...and I like it a lot.:)
Blogger Junuka, at 29.4.08  

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