startling banals

09 May 2008

When I die, my body shall be burnt.
but no one is to be present.

Spread the ashes on the earth...
in the middle of a big, big field.

Plant an oak there and write:

I, too, was once a human being.
My name was Sabina Spielrein.


this one was simply superb ..yaar mujhe adjectives dhoondne padenge tere poems ke liye,.,.
btw i think i have seen pics from inside "the white nursery". i am not sure..but after reading about it..i recall some pics i had seen in iit liby.. where children where doing kinky/free stuff
Blogger kaa, at 19.5.08  
yaar it is not my poem. i am only recycling stuff i see here and there. this is from a movie 'my name is sabina spielrien'. she was a hysteric patient - and the first to be cured by carl jung using sigmund freud's psychoanalysis methods. she was very intelligent and went on to become a doctor. the letters that she, jung and freud wrote to each other were discovered in a basement in vienna univ in 1977 - which revealed a lot about the development of psychoanalysis. someone made a nice movie about it.
this 'the white nursery' is interesting. is there anything online about it?
Blogger anish, at 19.5.08  
i cud only find that it was a kindergarten where she taught the children to be "free". and it was closed because it was supposed to be sexually perverted. and doing 2 + 2 i think i have seen the pics from there. when i saw them i knew it was something incredible coz it was weird. liby ke reference section mein thha
Blogger kaa, at 19.5.08  
The movie is good. In 1910-1920, being a woman scientist was very tough. No one would take you seriously if you were a woman.

She had a bad childhood and her father was very violent. She could not bear to see anyone being humiliated and that used to trigger her hysteric attacks.

But she recovered and studied to become a doctor. She started treating people and also did research which came naturally to her because of her sharp intelligence and capacity for detailed analysis and study.

The sexually perverted label was used to throw her out. She fell out of favour with Stalin because psychoanalysis could not be used for propaganda.

She was shot by Nazi soldiers because she was Jewish.

It's a very human story. She was really great.
Blogger anish, at 20.5.08  

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