startling banals

21 June 2008

is it only
your surface
that flows?


beautiful verse!
and thanks for your comments on 'koii raaz-e-dil!
Blogger kaunquest, at 28.6.08  
thank you ajay.
Blogger anish, at 29.6.08  
achha likha hai..kaise suza tuze?
Anonymous Anonymous, at 8.7.08  
aise hi dopahar ko nadi kinaare ghaas pe letey hue, ped ki chaav mein. fresh thandi hawa, paani ki khushbu, lehren, sailboats
Blogger anish, at 8.7.08  
nice pieces
i would say
not bad !
Blogger Babitha Marina Justin, at 22.7.08  
thank you :)
Blogger anish, at 23.7.08  
the surface, flowing, always remains motionless in an unbroken incessant mutation.
all the images that reflect their essence in the river , remain motionless and immutable...while all flows and nothig move.

your words are full of kindness, anish.
Anonymous ivana, at 4.12.08  

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