startling banals

14 June 2008

you watch
too many cartoon films


arrey...mi ekdam 'flat ' zale he vachun...
Blogger Junuka, at 16.6.08  
khupach nakhrel hoti ti khaar.. ek ek movement stylish ani separate separate. mi pan flat zalo tila baghun :)
Blogger anish, at 17.6.08  
Great Haiku Anish!

BTW This is what happened to me:

Watching squirrel
she drove me nuts!

Want to learn how to draw a cartoon squirrel ? Try:
Blogger Wish, at 20.6.08  
thanks visubhau

nuts haha..

that drawing a cartoon squirrel video is really cool!
Blogger anish, at 20.6.08  
mee be flat :P
Blogger Ameet, at 6.7.08  
ameet! kasa ahes yaar?
Blogger anish, at 6.7.08  

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